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Some Thoughts on Writing (noun)

TLDR: This is a weird post; I am making an entry from my personal journal public. So, it’s likely useless and worth skipping, esp. if you are not interested in writing. This is also not advice on how to write (I’m in no place to give that), but an exploration of writing as a noun […]

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Fragility of Everything

The day before heading to Neurips, I packed my luggage as usual at the last minute before going to bed (early am flight). As I was packing, I received a call from India. It was my mom. My dad had developed “breathing issues”, which we later found out was a combination of congestive heart failure, […]

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Joining AI Foundation

TL;DR: I am joining AI Foundation to help build uncanny content generation and detection systems A few friends and family knew this, but today, I am excited to announce widely that I joined the AI Foundation as their VP of Research. I am overseeing their deep learning/machine learning research roadmaps in speech, language, and vision for […]

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