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Teach Don’t Document

Yesterday, HuggingFace launched their “HuggingFace course” — A self-paced introduction to their NLP library along with short explainers. My first reaction was “oh great, another tutorial in the glut of Deep Learning educational resources”, but since it was from HuggingFace, I put my opinion aside and gave it a closer look. The more I looked, […]

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Unstoppable AI Flywheels and the Making of the New Goliaths

TL;DR: AI creates engines for relentless optimization at all levels. Read the article to figure out how and its consequences to what you’re doing. Some time ago I wrote about how everything is a model when reviewing a paper from Kraska et al (2017) where they show how traditional CS data structures like B-Tree indexes, […]

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Everything is a Model

TLDR: I review a recent systems paper from Google, why it is a wake-up call to the industry, and the recipe it provides for nonlinear product thinking. Here, I will be enumerating my main takeaways from a recent paper, “The Case for Learned Index Structures” by Tim Kraska, Alex Beutel, Ed Chi, Jeffrey Dean, and […]

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Turi Acquisition

(This post is about Turi, but I will occasionally refer to it by its older names Dato and Graphlab.) Turi got acquired by Apple for $200M (or so it is rumored). Reactions on the internet go from hearty congratulations to folks saying this is another example of the “AI bubble”. And of course, there are ill-informed, get-rich-quick […]

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