I like to build products driven by AI research that is indistinguishable from magic. I have more than 15 years of AI experience and have worn many hats in the past:

  1. Entrepreneur in Residence at the Allen Institute of AI.
  2. VP of Research at the AI Foundation, where I managed research teams working on synthetic audio, video, and text generation for multimodal dialog.
  3. Founder and CEO of Joostware AI Research, where my team offered AI research consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and select well-capitalized startups. I also offer a technical due-diligence service in AI to investors in some of the reputed VC firms in the Valley, including Andreessen Horowitz and Bloomberg Beta.
  4. Author of a widely-used Deep Learning and NLP book using Pytorch, and author of many highly-cited papers in NLP and Speech.
  5. Research Scientist and Individual Contributor at places like Amazon (Alexa early team), Twitter, and Google.
  6. Founder of The Fake News Challenge, a non-profit initiative to bring more than 1000 hackers and AI researchers worldwide to work on fact-checking-related problems.

I am a hands-on technology leader passionate about bringing AI technologies for the benefit of humanity.

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