On Reading Papers

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One of the most important skill I learnt in grad school was to break down any complex paper into bite sized parts, digest them, and ask critical questions about them. On the face of it, it sounds like an obvious skill, right? Just like knowing how to talk doesn't make you a good public speaker, knowing how to read doesn't automatically make you prepared to read (and absorb) papers.  ..Continue Reading

Universal Function Approximation using TensorFlow

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A multilayered neural network with even a single hidden layer can learn any function. This universal function approximation property of multilayer perceptrons was first noted by Cybenko (1989) and Hornik (1991). In this post, I will use TensorFlow to implement a multilayer neural network (also known as a multilayer perceptron) to learn arbitrary Python lambda expressions.  ..Continue Reading

Google TensorFlow: Updates & Lessons

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Google released Tensorflow today. I share my first impressions ..Continue Reading

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