Hi, I’m Delip Rao

I started working in Natural Language Processing, but after 15 years, I have worked in Vision, Speech, and various exotic datatypes, in addition to natural language. My ‘research taste’ is in the state-of-the-art that enables magical product experiences. See also: Research and Publications.

In 2014, I built Joostware AI Research, one of the first AI research consulting companies to offer Deep Learning research consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. I also built R7 Speech Sciences to automate call centers and FakeNewsChallenge.org, a non-profit, to counter misinformation in the news.

I have managed teams and managers leading products with AI-heavy roadmaps. I advise founders on product strategy informed by the state-of-the-art in AI research.

In 2020, I wrote a million words in a calendar year to push my boundaries. Some of my writing over the years can be found in the Essays section.

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Publishing Tips for Free Radicals and Other Creatives

Many folks interested in AI research may not have the luxuries of working at a top research lab or a tier-1 academic lab. Perhaps you are in a grad school with an advisor who is not meeting with you often (famous professor problem), or you are a researcher in a small school or startup without much “community” for meaningful feedback, or you are a lone warrior with no pedigree to show other than good hacking skills, and a couple of GPUs in your rig. If you identify with this class, have a strong interest in participating in science discourse, and wonder how to write a paper for fun, I am writing this essay for you.

I am also an author of a book on PyTorch, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Processing that’s used by practitioners in industry and students in academia worldwide.

I write a newsletter on AI Research & Strategy with a few thousand subscribers.


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Besides advising students via my academic affiliations, I mentor newcomers to NLP research. If you think you will benefit, contact me via one of my social channels. Please note that I have limited bandwidth and will not be able to accommodate every request.

I am a fan of beginners’ mind, and I am always learning. I have started documenting my learnings in the “Experiments” section. Check out my recent experiment and let me know if you find it useful!

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Long-running Colabs

Google Colab is convenient but they shutdown after some inactivity. This is annoying if you are running some persistent process, like a server. So, how do we make them run for a while? I discovered this trick from oobabooba. First, paste the following code in a cell:...