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Deplatforming of Donald, Death of Parler, and the Future of Misinformation

Twitter permanently suspended @realDonaldTrump today. After years of spreading misinformation and sowing hate, the two mostly-lame-looking tweets were the straw that broke the bird’s back. Twitter makes a longer case, including a warning about potential unrest before the inauguration. Facebook took a tepid approach of banning him at least until the term is over. While […]

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Fragility of Everything

The day before heading to Neurips, I packed my luggage as usual at the last minute before going to bed (early am flight). As I was packing, I received a call from India. It was my mom. My dad had developed “breathing issues”, which we later found out was a combination of congestive heart failure, […]

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Joining AI Foundation

TL;DR: I am joining AI Foundation to help build uncanny content generation and detection systems A few friends and family knew this, but today, I am excited to announce widely that I joined the AI Foundation as their VP of Research. I am overseeing their deep learning/machine learning research roadmaps in speech, language, and vision for […]

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