Joining AI Foundation

TL;DR: I am joining AI Foundation to help build uncanny content generation and detection systems

A few friends and family knew this, but today, I am excited to announce widely that I joined the AI Foundation as their VP of Research. I am overseeing their deep learning/machine learning research roadmaps in speech, language, and vision for generating and detecting artificial content.

The AI Foundation is a for-profit and non-profit working in harmony with a mission to develop protective tools to safeguard the world while advancing AI products. The for-profit focuses on generation (for AR/VR and similar applications), and the non-profit focuses on detection/discrimination (for fighting misinformation). This arrangement is ingenious because to be the best at detection, we also need to be best at generation … like a real-world GAN!

And we plan to do all this not merely with Deep Learning and data-driven approaches, but also working with world-class Cognitive Science researchers (on that topic Joshca Bach joined with me; check him out), Psychologists, and Linguists.

After working on the Fake News Challenge, the Knight Foundation-supported “Who Said What” project, and other projects on misinformation, disinformation and fact-checking, this role is a natural fit to take what I was already doing at scale. The AI Foundation is backed by leaders from the Valley, Hollywood, and Madison Avenue. All those resources, the leadership of our CEO Lars Buttler & Rob Meadows (CTO), a growing board of stellar advisors ranging from Rao Kambhampati (past President of AAAI and Prof. at ASU) to Biz Stone, research collaborations with multiple labs, will keep us grounded in our mission of building safe AI products.

In the coming weeks & months, I can’t wait to share some of the exciting results and news regarding our science, product, and non-profit initiatives.

We are hiring some great people to do this. If you work in NLP, speech, or vision research, want to do immediately impactful work and publish, drop me a note at delip @

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