R7 Speech Sciences: A New Chapter

I founded Joostware 3 years ago with the goal of building something like an artist collective, but for independent AI researchers. A lot of amazing things happened at Joostware. Despite keeping a low profile and identity, we shipped tons of code, models, and above all, we had great fun doing that (like “work from beach/mountain” days!). It was only inevitable that some of these folks would team up to start companies. Today is that day. Today we are launching a separate¬†speech product company called R7 Speech Sciences. I am excited to start this venture with Brian McMahan, a friend and a researcher. Brian’s Ph.D. work is in grounding meanings of words in conversations. Brian worked with me at Joostware, as a researcher, and also at the FakeNewsChallenge, where he was the volunteer-in-chief. His enthusiasm is second to none. A few casual hacks and we had the beginnings of a promising product staring in front of us. Over the past few months, we stopped all Joostware consulting, rallied our friends, and just worked crazy hard to build something new. Today’s launch is sounding the gun off and we have miles to go. We explain more about why we created R7 in this blog post. Looking forward to this trip!

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